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Non Return Valves \ Fuel Tank Breather :
With our dedicated efforts to bring out perfection as well as our staff's years of experience in manufacturing, we make sure our customers are delivered the quality that they want. We manufacture a wide range of Non Retun Valve, Check Valves, One Way Valves, Fuel Tank Breathers from 6mm to 18mm. These valves are specifically designed to use in boats, motorcycles, sports cars etc. These valves can be used in any directrion: upright or laydown position. Non quantity is small/large for us. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Fuel Tank Breather
6mm Fuel Tank Breather (tail Outer Diameter)
8mm Fuel Tank Breather (Tail Outer Diameter)
10mm Fuel Tank Breather (tail Outer Diameter)
12mm Fuel Tank Breather (Tail Outer Diameter)

1/4" Fuel Tank Breather (Check Valve)
5/16" Fuel Tank Breather ( Check Valve)
3/8 " Fuel Tank Breather (Check Valve)
1/2" Fuel Tank Breather (Check Valve)
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Finish Available: Gold Anodizing, Maroon Anodizing, Blue Anodizing, Nickel, Tin, Gold, /silver or any coating as per customer specification.
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