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Turned Parts / Precision Turned Componets
With our dedicated efforts to bring out perfection as well as our staff's years of experience in manufacturing, we make sure our customers are delivered the quality that they want. We manufacture/supply a wide range of brass pins. We have the capacity to produce brass pins from 0.5m diameters to 35 diameters.

Some example of the pins we produce:

turned parts
Tapered Brass Pins (from 0.5mm diameter to 30mm diameter)
Headed Brass Pins (from 0.5mm diameter to 60mm diameter)
Stepped Brass Pins (from 0.5mm diameter to 20mm diameter)
Electronic Brass Pins (from 0.4mm diameter to 12mm diameter)
Brass Pins for knife making (1.0mm diameter to 10mm diameter)
Vintage Brass Pins
Brass Pin Contacts
Terminal Pins
Brass Contact Point Pins,
Electrical Assembly Pin,
Custom Pins (customers drawing welcome)
turned parts
We use the following material to manufacture brass pins : Free cutting brass, Point wire brass, C102, C103, C106, C101, CZ125, CZ101, CZ102, CZ103, CZ108 and many more.
Brass Pin Finish: Natural, Nickel, Tin, Gold, /silver or any coating as per customer specification.
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