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ABSN Group (Birmingham) serve as small or medium batch mfr./supplier and consultant for precision machining services. We are more than an ordinary contract supplier. When a problem exists any of your current part or assembly, we can design a process and component to eliminate these defects. Our complete knowledge of design, engineering and tool design gives us the capabilities to find cost effective solutions for your particular needs.

We offer free manufacturing engineering, so your parts can be manufactured most efficiently and cost effectively.
Seeking long-term business relationships, ABSN Group strives to understand and meet our customers needs. Among Brass pins our capacity includes:
Tapered Brass Pins / Micro Pin (from 0.5mm diameter to 30mm diameter)
Micro Headed Brass Pins (from 0.5mm diameter to 60mm diameter)
Stepped Micro Brass Pins (from 0.5mm diameter to 20mm diameter)
Electronic Micro Brass Pins (from 0.4mm diameter to 12mm diameter)
Brass Pins for knife making (1.0mm diameter to 10mm diameter)
Vintage Brass Pins
Brass Pin Contacts
Terminal Pins
Brass Contact Point Pins,
Electrical Assembly Pin, Pin Connectors, Pin Terminal etc.
Custom Pins (customers drawing welcome)
Brass Pins
Copper Pins
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